I have spent my entire life as part of this district. I was raised by two amazing parents here. My mother is a successful female business owner, and my father has dedicated his life and career to public education. Their leadership and passion inspired the journey that has been my life. I also have a younger brother who taught me compassion and patience. I was a student in our public schools and was given the resources and opportunities to succeed. I dedicated my young life to playing competitive soccer in Georgia and across the South East. Through my time playing, I developed values that will last a lifetime. Trust, dedication, teamwork, and hard work are ingrained in me forever.


Soccer lead me to a college in Montgomery, Alabama. It was there where I realized that my true passion lay in public service. I soon returned home to Georgia and enrolled in Georgia State University. During my time there, I worked full time while also maintaining a full-time class load. My involvement in government began here in the District Office of Congressman John Lewis. About a year after my start there, I added on a second position with County Commissioner Nancy Jester. Through this work, I was able to learn all sides of government, federal, local, democrat, and republican. After graduation, I had the honor of attending the Women's Campaign School at Yale, where I learned about what it takes to make it as a woman in politics. This fall, I was chosen to be a Voter Protection and Legal Fellow at Fair Fight Action, an organization founded by Stacey Abrams to combat voter suppression. Through all of these experiences, I have learned about dedicating yourself and your work to others. This past legislative session in Georgia was upsetting, but it sparked something in me that has lead me to run for office.  All of these experiences throughout my life have built me into someone who is dedicated to preserving the good of this district as well as doing better where we need to.


I am a native of this district. My entire life has revolved around this district and this state. In 2018 our access to free and fair elections was threatened. The voters of this district were heavily targeted and therefore did not have the same access to a ballot as other Georgians. This legislative session, women had their access to choice stripped away. That was the last straw for me. Our district deserves to have a say, and if our state does not want to give us one, we deserve to have a voice that is willing to be loud enough to fight for everything. I want to be that voice. I want to put everything I have behind the people of this district because I believe in a better Georgia.

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